October 7, 2015 at 10:30 pm

Psychology Club Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings, Oct. 7

Psychology majors and minors interested in connecting with other students from the program are invited to join the Ohio University Psychology Club and Psi Chi Honors Society on Wednesday, Oct. 7, from 5 to 8 p.m. for a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings (23 W. Union St., Athens).

Members of Psi Chi

Members of Psi Chi

Proceeds from the event this Wednesday will be used to provide need-based scholarships for membership dues to Ohio University undergrads that qualify for the international honors society (Psi Chi) membership this fall. Email Psi Chi/Psychology Club President Nicole Morales with questions regarding the event or for vouchers if you plan to attend.

The Ohio University Chapter of Psi Chi and the Psychology Club partner together to provide students with educational and career-based training opportunities in the field of psychology. During the organization’s first meeting of the year, executive board Members provided an orientation tour of Porter Hall for incoming students to ensure new students are aware and can easily access department resources, such as the Klaire computer lab and the department’s Advising and Resource Center.

In subsequent events, the Psychology Club has organized a trip to the Athena Cinema to screen The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015) about Dr. Philip Zimbardo’s 1971 study and a debriefing for students to discuss the study’s implications with Dr. Kimberly Rios and Dr. Sandra Hoyt.

Can’t make it on Wednesday? Connect with Psi Chi and the Ohio University Psychology Club online on their Facebook or Twitter pages for updates on future club meetings and events.

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