October 5, 2015 at 8:11 am

Lee Discusses ‘Transitioning into Middle Class after College: Hidden Injuries and Partial Mobility’

Dr. Elizabeth Lee

Dr. Elizabeth Lee

Dr. Elizabeth Lee, Assistant Professor of Sociology, presented “Transitioning into the middle class after college: ‘Hidden injuries’ and partial mobility” at the Sociology of Higher Education panel of the American Sociological Association annual meeting in August in Chicago.

The ASA panel focused on race, class, and gender in higher education.

“My paper focused on how students from low-income, working-class, and/or first-generation college backgrounds move into post-college life as young adults. This discussion contributed to a larger theme across panelists of how educational institutions serve (or fail to serve) students and what we could do better. It was wonderful to participate in this conversation with both panelists and audience members,” says Lee.

The annual meeting of the American Sociological Association provides the opportunity for professionals involved in the scientific study of society to share knowledge and new directions in research and practice. Nearly 600 program sessions are convened during the four-day meeting held every August to provide participation venues and networking outlets for nearly 3,000 research papers and more than 4,600 presenters. This year’s topic: Sexualities in the social world.

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