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September 28, 2015 at 12:14 pm

Northern Ireland Study Abroad Application Deadline: Oct. 4

Spend spring break in beautiful Northern Ireland for an experience of a lifetime! Apply online.

Throughout this program students will see large metropolitan areas and small country towns, meeting local Irish folk and absorbing all that this small region has to offer.

Culture, history, politics, and religion are combined into a unique and engaging experience that offers 4 credits in just one week.

Students will visit Belfast, Omagh, and Derry, seeing museum exhibits, wall murals, historic sites, universities, memorials, and more!

Whether this is their first trip abroad or one of many, students will have opportunities to travel with an Ohio University faculty member and see sites normal tourists would never get to see.

This program is focused on engaging with the local culture to gain a deeper understanding of the themes and concepts discussed in class.

This is not a lecture course. Instead, students are encouraged to interact with the local people and places that bring the topic of human rights, law and justice to life in this post-conflict area.

Students will be able to see the rugged beauty of this region while learning about the history and culture of its people. The intricate architecture of Belfast, the ancient walls of Derry and the spectacular natural wonder that is Giant’s Causeway are just a couple of the incredible sights that Northern Ireland has to offer.

Several decades ago, Northern Ireland was roiled in sectarian conflict. Although peace agreements have been signed, the politics that lead to that conflict can still be seen in the area today and some vestiges of the conflict can be found all over the cities.

For more information about the trip, contact Haley Duschinski (

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