September 24, 2015 at 4:46 pm

Career Corner | Network Your Way to Success

By Jessie Carter
Assistant Director, Career & Leadership Development Center for the College of Arts & Sciences

Congratulations! You powered through the Career and Internship Fair, made some great connections, and collected a handful of business cards. Now that the “hard part” is over with, how do you continue on your networking escapade and ensure your name stands out amongst the rest of the resumes? Continue reading for some pro-tips to come across as, well, a “pro.”

Express Your Gratitude

Review through those business cards and the notes you took from conversations at the Fair and locate the employers that really resonated with you and your interests. Grab your smart phone/iPad/laptop, and send a brief note to the representative to thank them for taking the time to speak with you. Another savvy tip is to include your resume as an attachment.

Prepare for an Upcoming Interview

Practice makes perfect, especially in typically high-anxiety situations like phone or in-person interviews. The Career and Leadership Development Center offers 30-minute mock interviews that can be catered to the position you’re applying for and includes time for feedback. Register online through the CLDC website or call 740-593-2909 to make an appointment today.

Make an Appointment with a Career Coach

Jessie Carter

Jessie Carter

Contact me (Jessie Carter, the career coach for Arts & Sciences students) for continued guidance in the career development process. I can assist you with a wide variety of topics ranging from resume and cover letter writing tips, the internship and job search process, to negotiating your salary and benefits once you’ve received an offer. Send me an email today at

Four-Year Career and Academic Plan

Stay on track during your undergraduate career by utilizing the Career and Academic Checklist. This checklist will provide useful suggestions for each year of your studies, ensuring that you’re on track to graduate while simultaneously moving you forward with a strategic plan for success as you continue down your career path.

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