May 28, 2015 at 10:06 am

Summer II | Women in Chinese Literature, Psycholinguistics

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The Linguistics Department at Ohio University is offering two Summer Session II courses:

would like to add another Tier II course (Cross-cultural Perspectives) that I’m going to offer in the 2nd summer session:

ILL 389 / 589  Women in Chinese Literature (2CP)

Liang TaoThis course, which fills the general education Tier II course (Cross-cultural Perspectives), uses Chinese literature in translation to illustrate how women were portrayed in China over the past 2,000 years, from heroines who created human race in early days to the subordinate race over the Confucius doctrines, how the oppression was lifted, only to be re-activated in the modern era. Dr. Liang Tao, Associate Professor of Linguistics, notes that the course was last offered three years ago, and it is only offered in the summer.

LING 3300  Introduction to Psycholinguistics

This study of linguistic behavior and psychological mechanisms responsible for it is offered in Summer II. Tao notes that it will not be offered in the fall.

See Summer in Athens information.

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