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Summer Courses | Tier II Humanities & Literature (2HL), Online & On Campus

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Summer with the College of Arts & Sciences—Enjoy our Parks | Fill some Reqs—includes courses that can apply toward Ohio University’s general education Tier II requirements in Humanities and Literature.

Check the Registrar’s summer course offerings site for up-to-the-minute course availability—both online and on campus.

Dr. Gary Holcomb

Dr. Gary Holcomb

AAS 1100 Introduction to African American Literature (2HL)

This online course focuses broadly on African American literature from the 18th century to contemporary writings. With readings from poetry, short fiction, the novel, and other forms of writing, the course explores how black writers address African American literary inheritance and production. Taught by Dr. Gary Holcomb, Professor of African American Literature, this course is part of the Wealth and Poverty theme.

AAS 1500 Africana Media Studies (2HL)

Dre. Akil Houston

Dr. Akil Houston

This online course is an introduction to the Africana experience (primarily in the United States) through media enables students to explore, critique and understand images, stereotypes, myths and counter-imaging of the Africana experience. Contemporary as well as historic notions of race, class and gender through the prism of media are examined. This course is taught by Dr. Akil Houston, Assistant Professor of Cultural and Media Studies.

AAS 2100 Slave Narrative and Freeman/Freewoman Fiction of the 18th and 19th Centuries (2HL)

This online course covers the African American slave narrative, from the 18th to the 19th centuries, along with free-woman and free-man writings of the later 19th century and early 20th century. Readings typically include works by such authors as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs, William Wells Brown, and Solomon Northup. Taught by Holcomb, this course is part of the Becoming Human theme.

HIST 1220 Western Civilization: Modernity from 1500 (2HL)

Dr. T. David Curp

Dr. T. David Curp

This online course includes the Renaissance; the religious Reformations of the 16th century; absolutism, constitutional monarchy, and enlightened despotism; the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment; the American and French Revolutions; industrialization and nation building; modernism; imperialism and the World Wars; and the rise and fall of totalitarian regimes in the 20th century. It is taught by Dr. David Curp, Associate Professor of History.

PHIL 1010 Fundamentals of Philosophy (2HL)

Dr. Scott Carson

Dr. Scott Carson

This survey of selected basic problems, concepts, and methods in philosophy is taught by Dr. Scott Carson, Associate Professor of Philosophy. This course is offered in the first session of summer.

PHIL 1300 Introduction to Ethics (2HL)

This course is a discussion of classic and/or modern philosophical views of human values, ideals, and morality. It provides introductory survey of some main problems, concepts, and results of ethics including selected philosophers of past and present. Taught by Dr. Alfred Lent, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, this course is part of the Becoming Human theme, the Making and Breaking the Law theme, and the War and Peace theme.

PHIL 2160 Philosophy of Science Survey (2HL)

This course is a nontechnical survey of types, testing, and credibility of hypotheses; methods of experimental inquiry; measurement; laws, theories and their role in explanation, concept formation. Taught by Carson, this course is part of the Becoming Human theme.

PHIL 2400 Social and Political Philosophy (2HL)

This course is an introduction to major philosophical theories concerning nature of social and political communities including those offered by Plato, Aquinas, Hobbes, Locke, Mill, and Rawls, with consideration given to some significant specialized problems in social and political theory including distributive justice, civil disobedience, liberty, punishment, etc. Taught by Dr. Mark LeBar, this course is part of the Making and Breaking the Law theme, the Sustainability Studies theme, and the Becoming Human theme.

WGSS 1000 Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (2HL)

Dr. Kimberly Little

Dr. Kimberly Little

This interdisciplinary course explores a range of perspectives regarding social, political, and cultural constructions of gender and sexuality and their intersection with race, ethnicity, nationality, class, disability, and other elements of diversity. Taught by Dr. Kimberly Little, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Lecturer, this course is part of the Becoming Human theme.

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