April 27, 2015 at 10:44 am

Physics & Astronomy Alumni Spotlights 2013-15

Physics & Astronomy Alumni Spotlights

Rakitha Sanjeewa Beminiwattha ’13Ph.D. receives Jefferson Science Associates Thesis Prize.

Keith Hawkins ’13B.S. HTC Astronomy was elected Chair of the King’s College Graduate Society at Cambridge University. A recent mini-movie about Hawkins can be found on the Physics & Astronomy YouTube channel.

Serge Nakhmanson ’01Ph.D., Associate Professor in Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Connecticut, presented a colloquium on “Computational Design of Multifunctional Complex-oxide Materials Across Length Scales” in March 2014. In an article by Special Projects Assistant Jean Andrews, Nakhmanson describes himself as a “Digital Alchemist Transforming Matter.”

Jairo Sinova ’94B.S. HTC Physics is the newly appointed Alexander von Humboldt Professor and founder of the Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center at the Johannes Gutenberg
University in Mainz, Germany. In an article by Special Projects Assistant Jean Andrews, Sinova likens science teamwork to dancing a tango.


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