April 27, 2015 at 11:00 am

Physics & Astronomy Alumni News 1990-1999

Derek W. Beck, B.S. HTC Physics 1999, is presently serving as a U.S. Air Force Reserve officer (currently holding the rank of major) at the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) at Vandenberg AFB, CA, and is responsible for a team that tracks 24/7 foreign space launch operations. He works now full time as a reserve officer, but the Reserves gives him flexibility to moonlight as a writer, and he has written a popular history nonfiction manuscript about the start of the American Revolution in Boston in 1775. This book, under the working title of America 1775, is being published by Sourcebooks, and is expected be on bookshelves in late 2015. Beck’s ultimate goal for his “1775” project is a television miniseries, which he describes as “Band of Brothers set in Revolutionary Boston.”

Eric L Montei, Ph.D. 1996, is at Seagate – Recording Heads Group, in Bloomington, MN. He is working on HAMR – Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording and manages a HAMR RSS test group. The group uses spinstands to characterize performance of HAMR recording heads and, in particular, benchmarks the performance of our HAMR heads. His wife, Anita Kumar, Ph.D. 1994, is managing a Software Engineering group at Transition Networks in Minnetonka, MN. They have two children, Uma (15) and Matt (11), and a dog Pepper (5). He did his doctoral research in surface
science with Marty Kordesch, while she did her doctoral research in nuclear theory with David Onley.

Earl Saito, Ph.D. 1993, is the Vice President for Emerging Technologies for GE Hitachi, Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF) company. He did his doctoral research in experimental nuclear physics with Ray Lane.

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