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Daring to Collaborate: Faculty Teaching & Learning Showcase, April 28

Faculty, instructional staff and Teaching Assistants are invited to “Daring to Collaborate: Faculty Teaching & Learning Showcase” on Tuesday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Faculty Commons in Alden Library.

The showcase, sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences, focuses on collaborative opportunities in teaching and learning. It features discussions and workshops offered by college-sponsored Faculty Learning Communities and Curricular Themes groups. Lunch is provided.

“If you cannot come the entire time, please join for the sessions that fit your schedule and interests,” says Dr. Laurie Russell Hatch, Associate Dean and Professor of Sociology.

Please RSVP for the April 28 showcase.

Tuesday, April 28

Welcome and Introductions

10 a.m.

Dr. Robert Frank, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Laurie Russell Hatch, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Sociology

Daring to Collaborate: Keynote Panel Discussion on Challenges and Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning Collaborations

10:10 a.m., Friends of the Libraries Room (Or Watch on A&S TV.)

Teaching and learning collaborations offer exciting opportunities to learn from one another. They also often require teachers and students alike to move beyond their comfort zones with new or different pedagogical approaches. In this keynote panel discussion, a facilitator from each of the Showcase sessions will address a central challenge in teaching/learning collaborations and a central strategy developed by her or his group to address that challenge.

Panelists: Neil Bernstein, Professor of Classics & World Religions: Raymond Frost, Professor of Management Information Systems, Muriel Gallego, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Talinn Phillips, Assistant Professor of English

Morning Breakout Sessions (choose one)

11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., Faculty Commons

Challenges in Teaching: Learning From One Another

Neil Bernstein (facilitator), Professor of Classics & World Religions

We will present a selection of topics discussed in our Faculty Learning Community “Challenges in Teaching.” These include: data-driven approaches to determining the likelihood of student success in fixed course sequences; the new science of learning and new understanding of the connection between memory and learning; measuring teaching effectiveness; implicit and explicit bias in the classroom; teaching to transgress; creating an articulate classroom. We then will conduct an informal workshop for attendees interested in discussing challenges in their pedagogy with facilitators and participants. For further information, see

Collaborative Professional Development for Teaching Assistants: An ePortfolio Approach

Muriel Gallego (facilitator), Assistant Professor of Spanish; Eric Boczko, Lecturer of Mathematics; Mark Lucas, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy; Albert Rouzie, Associate Professor of English; and Kim Thompson, Lecturer of Environmental & Plant Biology.

Many departments rely on TAs to teach classes and labs. How can we ensure that they will be effective as graduate student instructors and as future faculty?  This session will discuss options for TA professional development, including an ePortfolio approach developed in our Faculty Learning Community. Our sample ePortfolio for TA Professional Development contains Ohio University resources, policies and procedures, video testimonials, and tips from faculty and fellow TAs, and will be shared with session participants. This ePortfolio approach can be used to assist current TAs and the faculty members who work with them,

Working with Multilingual and International Students: Strategies for Participation, Interaction, and Success

Dawn Bikowski (co-facilitator), Director of English Language Improvement Program, Department of Linguistics; Jessica Hollis, Assistant Professor of English; Talinn Phillips (co-facilitator), Assistant Professor of English; Paula Park, Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Languages; Catherine Penrod, Director of Center for Professional Communication, College of Business; Nicole Reynolds, Associate Professor of English; Linda Rice, Professor of English; Sherri Saines, Reference & Instruction Librarian; Sarah Wyatt, Professor of Environmental and Plant Biology.

Are you looking for ways to maximize international multilingual student participation and success in your classes or department? In this panel discussion, participants in the Faculty Learning Community “Global Education and Diverse Classrooms: Toward a Model to Support Multilingual Students at Ohio University” will share insights they have discussed on a variety of facets of multilingual students’ educational experiences. Discussion topics included, how can we best support integration of our international students into our classes, particularly when most students in the course are domestic? How can we design assignments that are accessible for non-native English speakers and minimize plagiarism or general confusion? Maybe you are interested in increasing participation of international students in your courses, or increasing interaction between domestic and international students. These topics, in addition to issues such as feedback and group work, will be discussed so that participants leave with ideas they can explore in their contexts.

Lunch and Informal Discussions | Curricular Themes

12:15 – 1:15 p.m., Faculty Commons

Buffet lunch and informal conversation about the curricular themes initiative. Represented themes include: Food Studies; Knowing the Future; Making & Breaking the Law; Sense of Place; Sustainability; War & Peace; Wealth & Poverty. Choose a curricular theme lunch table that fits your interests, and feel free to join different tables during the lunch hour to learn about other curricular themes.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions (choose one)

1:20 – 2:50 p.m.

Incorporating Team-Based Learning into the Classroom: Hands-on Workshop

Raymond Frost (co-facilitator), Professor of Management Information Systems; Charlie Morgan (co-facilitator), Assistant Professor of Sociology

Are you the type of teacher who wants to guarantee that your students can successfully apply their knowledge? Are you tired of students cramming ​for tests ​and then forgetting material? Then Team Based Learning (TBL) may be the pedagogy for you! Participants in this workshop will learn about TBL by doing TBL. It is the original flipped classroom methodology. TBL ​helps you  structure innovative class time and activities to promote student learning.

Team Teaching: Panel Discussion on Different Approaches to Teaching Collaborations

Haley Duschinski, Director, Center for Law, Justice & Culture and Associate Professor of Anthropology (CAS 2500: Breaking the Law Theme Seminar); Theresa Moran, Curriculum Themes Coordinator and Lecturer of English (CAS 1410: Food Matters! Explorations in Food Across the Liberal Arts); Daniel Phillips, Professor of Physics & Astronomy (CAS 2400: Knowing What We Know); Edna Wangui, Associate Professor of Geography (T3 4400 Capstone Seminar in Wealth & Poverty) (Watch on A&S TV.)

Team teaching offers important benefits for student learning as well as for faculty learning and collaboration. This pedagogical format also presents some challenges that must be addressed to effectively structure and deliver a course. The session will feature a panel discussion on different approaches to teaching collaborations, including pros and cons of each, that have been undertaken in four of the curricular themes: Food Studies, Knowing the Future, Making & Breaking the Law, and Wealth & Poverty.


For colleagues unable to participate in the Showcase in person, several sessions including the keynote panel discussion will be available via streaming video. To access this, and many other webstreams, please visit the College of Arts & Science’s LiveStream.

For more information, contact Laurie Hatch at

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