March 10, 2015 at 10:06 am

OPIE Hosts Visitors from the Omani Consulate in Washington, D.C.

By Tetyana Dovbnya
OPIE and College of Arts & Sciences International Student Adviser

Ohio University and OPIE hosted visitors form the Omani Consulate in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 24-25.

Dr. Talal Al Bulushi, a new cultural attaché at the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Oman, and Mona Selim, Academic Adviser from the Cultural Division of the Embassy, came to Ohio University with a well-thought and busy program. During a short visit, they managed to meet with students from Oman and many university representatives, from OPIE and other campus programs.

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From left to right: Rena Peters, Kathryn Hille, Tetyana Dovbnya, Dr. Gerard Krzic, Mona Selim, Dr. Talal Al Bulushi, Linn Forhan

The first big group of 60 Omani students arrived at OPIE in November 2011. Those students were sponsored and supervised by the Oman Cultural Office in Washington, D.C., which had established the scholarship to grant undergraduate degrees in the United States and Canada to Omani citizens. Since then, 120 students form Oman have studied in OPIE, with the majority of them continuing their undergraduate studies at Ohio University.

Al Bulushi and Selim took a very personalized approach attending the institutions where students on the scholarship study, with Ohio University being one of them. They were interested to see the university and its resources. They met with Dr. Gerald Krzic and some OPIE faculty, looked at the progress the students are making, and held advising sessions with some of them. On Feb. 24, an informal dinner for all current Omani students at Ohio University was hosted, and that gave everybody a chance to interact and share experiences. The embassy representatives made sure their students have adjusted well and are receiving good support from the university. An important observation from Al Bulushi’s address to OPIE faculty was the high demands that the Omani Embassy places on students on scholarship, whom they expect to learn English well within approximately a year, and then continue to work hard toward their undergraduate degrees.

Although the schedule was extremely busy, Al Bulushi and Selim noted that they were impressed with the amount of academic and advising support the students receive from OPIE. They recognize OPIE as a gateway to the United States for their students and an important building block in the students’ success in academic studies. OPIE, in its turn, shared the successes of the Omani students, who – over the years – proved to be hard working, responsible, and serious about their studies. Krzic invited more of them to join OPIE and Ohio University in the near future.

OPIE welcomes OU faculty, staff, and students to join OPIE events this week!

  • Workshop on DARS facilitated by Tetyana Dovbnya: Wednesday, March 11, 10-11:30 a.m., Ellis Hall 113
  • Trip to OHIO Greenhouse facilitated by Rob Campbell: Wednesday, March 11, 10:45 a.m.-noon, Meet at Gordy Hall: OHIO Greenhouse
  • OPIE Lecture Series featuring Jacob Okumu from OMSAR on Conflict and Crisis Management: Wednesday, March 11, 2-2:55 p.m., Morton 201
  • International Conversation Hour facilitated by Andrea Johannes and Kamola Azimova: Wednesday, March 11, 6-7:00 pm, Baker First Floor, Bobcat Student Lounge

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