February 9, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Faculty Team-Teach Wealth & Poverty Seminar

The Wealth and Poverty theme is offering a Tier III seminar (T3 4400 Seminar in Wealth and Poverty) this spring semester. The course examines economic growth, wealth distribution, poverty and inequality issues in both domestic and international settings.

The course is team taught by four instructors – Dr. Mariana Dantas in History, Dr. Yeong Kim in Geography, Dr. Steve Scanlan in Sociology, and Dr. Edna Wangui in Geography.

Wealth & Poverty theme logoThe aim of the course is to provide students with an appreciation of the ways in which the intersectionality of class, race, ethnicity and gender shape inequality of economic and social opportunities. The course draws on readings from Geography, Sociology, Economics, History, Women & Gender & Sexuality Studies, and other disciplines.

Students in the course learn about systems of power and inequality with specific attention to race and racism and gender and sexism and their intersectionality with other forms of difference. Students are also exposed to the structure of social institutions and how such structures influence the production of wealth and inequality.

The course integrates class meetings with theme-related activities on campus. Students currently enrolled in the class will be presenting their final research projects at a wealth and poverty research expo in April.

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