January 26, 2015 at 5:45 pm

Seminar: Salamander Ecology in a Rapidly Changing World, Jan. 26

The Biological & Biomedical Sciences Research Seminar Series presents Dr. John C. Maerz, University of Georgia, on “Salamander Ecology in a Rapidly Changing World” Jan.  26 at 4 p.m. in Irvine 159.

Dr. John Maerz

Dr. John Maerz

Maerz is Associate Professor of Vertebrate Ecology at the University of Georgia.

Abstract: Globally, salamanders comprise only 9 percent of known amphibian species, but salamanders compose 55 percent of North American amphibians and 70 percent of the amphibian species that occur in the Appalachian Mountains. North American is home to 29 percent of the world’s salamander diversity, and the Appalachian Range is a global hotspot for salamander diversity. In forests and headwater streams, salamanders are the most numerous vertebrates and influence a number of ecosystem processes.

In this way are a distinguishing feature of North American forest ecosystems compared to similar ecosystems around the world. However, invasive species, exurban development, and pollution all impact the ecology of salamanders and the influence they have on ecosystem processes. Moreover, shifting climates threaten many species in the regions of high diversity. Our understanding of how environmental change affects salamander communities will be vital to effective conservation and to forecast potential changes in ecosystem function.

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