January 23, 2015 at 10:53 am

Last Call for CLJC Summer Research Externships

The Center for Law, Justice & Culture is seeking high-achieving students for summer externship programs with its growing number of partner institutions in the United States and abroad. Current externship placements include Detroit, Cambodia, and Northern Ireland.

Externships are similar to internships, but they develop through collaboration and exchange between the student, the faculty adviser, and the partner institution. Externships enable students to understand how law and justice operate in specific social, cultural, and political contexts. And they provide rich opportunities for students to pursue independent research in relation to their areas of academic interest.

The Undergraduate Research Externship Program is great preparation for law school, graduate school in law-related fields, and legal advocacy work inside or outside of the legal profession. Students from all majors and programs are encouraged to contact CLJC Director Haley Duschinski ( by Feb. 1 if interested.

See profiles on the externship sites and more information.

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