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December 19, 2014 at 10:08 am

Alum, Shawnee State Professor Publishes in Literary Magazine

Work by Ohio University alum Christina Jones ’14M appears in Shawnee State University’s fall edition of the “Silhouette,” a literary and art magazine, notes the Portsmouth Daily Times.

Jones earned an M.A. in English from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University.

The magazine features local talent from students, SSU staff, and community members. The features are all over the gamut, including poetry, prose, photography and traditional art. More recently, the group has dedicated space to features, such as student highlights and staff interviews. They have also featured alumni and famous writers who have visited the campus.

The SSU alumni featured include Christina Jones, Brew Wilson-Battles, and Lori McNelly.

“I feel very honored to be featured in the Silhoutte,” Jones, alumni and current professor at SSU, said. “You always want to make your family proud, and Shawnee is part of my family. So many people there believed in me and nurtured my talents so to be able to show them what I’ve done with their support in my time away from home is a full-circle moment for me.”

Jones recently graduated from Ohio University, in pursuit of her dream of instructing college courses.

Read the rest of the story in the Daily Times.

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