November 5, 2014 at 11:14 am

Request for Proposals for Spring A&S Faculty Learning Communities

The College of Arts & Sciences invites applications for Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) focusing on academic writing, grant proposals, scholarship of teaching and learning, and other forms of scholarship, to be sponsored during spring semester, 2015. The application deadline is Nov. 24, 2014.

Faculty learning communities are interdisciplinary faculty groups engaged in an active, collaborative, semester- or year-long initiative. All faculty are invited to apply. Cross-college and cross-campus collaborations are welcome.

Groups can apply for funds up to $7,500 per learning community (dependent upon group size, and the aims and scope of the proposed initiative). Requested support for these scholarly FLCs can include, for example, an invited workshop facilitator, books, software, or other resources to support the FLC work. Modest participant stipends are appropriate to request if the group will be developing a scholarly product to be shared across the college or university. Modest stipends for group facilitator(s) are appropriate to request. We anticipate funding availability for two proposals.

Each proposed Faculty Learning Community requires:

  • A focal topic pertaining to scholarship.
  • Learning community goals agreed upon by the group, with an individual or group project or product to be developed by the end of spring semester, 2015. Groups developing scholarly products to be shared across the college / university should identify the avenues by which these products will be shared.
  • A designated facilitator or co-facilitators for the group.

For more information and an application, contact Dr. Laurie Hatch, Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, at 740-257-2828 or

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