November 18, 2014 at 6:45 pm

NanoForum: A New Paradigm for Macroscopic Photoinduced Bending (Photonastism) of Nanofibrous Polymer Mats, Nov. 18

NQPI NanoForum presents Maksim Livshits on “A New Paradigm for Macroscopic Photoinduced Bending (Photonastism) of Nanofibrous Polymer Mats” on Tuesday, Nov. 18, at 4 p.m. at Clippinger 259.

Maksim Livshits

Maksim Livshits

His adviser is Dr. Jeffrey Rack, Professor of Chemistry. NanoForums are presented several times per semester and are sponsored by Nanoscale and Quantum Phenomena Institute.

Abstract: Transducing photonic energy into mechanical energy is of interest in the materials community years with the objective of producing solar driven actuators. Much research has been conducted using organic and inorganic photochromes incorporated within crystals, liquid crystals, and elastomers to develop macroscopic deformable materials. Photochromic molecules adopt a different molecular and electronic structure when exposed to light. Thus, researchers in this area stress the importance of the highly ordered environments with structure changing molecules to generate mechanical deformation. Herein, we present research to challenge the conventional wisdom by observing mechanical deformation with motionless chromophores dissolved in amorphous electrospun nanofibrous polymeric materials.

A final NanoForum of the Fall semster will be held on Dec. 2.

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