September 1, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Torres Publishes ‘Morirás si da una primavera’ as e-Book

Dr. Daniel Torres, Professor of Spanish in Modern Languages at Ohio University, published two books recently.

  • Morirás si da una primavera by Daniel TorresMorirás si da una primavera [You Shall Die of AIDS in the Spring] (2014), a novel published as an e-book
  • En el imperio de los sentidos [In the Realm of the Senses] (2013), poetry

Torres won the prestigious “Letras de Oro” (1991-92) prize, granted by the University of Miami, for Morirás si da una primavera, a brief gay novel, which discusses issues such as erotic attraction between men and the AIDS crisis.

His book of poetry is a summary of his 30 years of poetic work published to date, as well as several unpublished poems and a number of poems published in poetry or plaquettes sheets, including: Merlin (1982), De Efe (1982), Seven Poems of Affection ( 1995), Fusilado God (2000), Invasion of tenderness (2004), A letter to Moma four poems (2005), Poems of Ohio and elsewhere (2006), Seven Italian poems (2008), De bellaqueras (2009) , and other uncollected poems (2011). Read more in El Post Antillano.


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