September 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Students Gather at Athena for Discussion about Ferguson

Dr. Debra Thompson at Ferguson Forum

Dr. Debra Thompson at Ferguson Forum

Ohio University students filled the Athena theater on Thursday, Sept. 11, to hear faculty members from the Center for Law, Justice and Culture talk about recent events in Ferguson, MO.

Dr. Patricia Gunn, Associate Professor of African American Studies; Dr. Kelly Faust, Assistant Professor of Sociology-Criminology; and Dr. Vincent Jungkunz and Dr. Debra Thompson, associate and assistant professors of Political Science, based their discussion on the tragedy in Ferguson that involved the death of Michael Brown, a young black man who was shot six times in the head and chest and killed by a police officer.

The death of Brown created a controversy not just in Ferguson, but across the nation as protests and violence erupted in the city soon after his death. In response, the Ohio University Students for Law, Justice & Culture organized a panel discussion with members of the faculty who could adequately address the ongoing racial discrimination facing the nation and create a safe environment among students to have a meaningful and honest discussion about the issue.

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