August 8, 2014 at 1:06 pm

Rothwell Elected Fellow of Paleontological Society

Dr. Gar Rothwell, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Environmental & Plant Biology has been elected a Fellow of the Paleontological Society.

Dr. Gar Rothwell

Dr. Gar Rothwell

Rothwell’s research focuses on Phylogenetic Systematics and Evolutionary Developmental Plant Biology.

“Among other things, you were recognized for fundamental contributions to our understanding of the anatomy, diversity, and evolution of numerous groups of vascular plants—ranging from Carboniferous seed- and spore-bearing plants to Mesozoic and Cenozoic ferns; your pioneering work in whole-plant reconstructions; your novel use of developmental biology in interpreting fossil plants and their evolutionary relationships; and your service to the profession as President of the International Organisation of Paleobotany,” wrote Michael Foote on behalf of the Committee on Fellows.

See Fellows of the Paleontological Society.

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