August 22, 2014 at 10:18 am

Li Edits Book on ‘Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia’

Dr. Jieli Li, Professor of Sociology at Ohio University, is the editor of a new book on “Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia, Volume 4,” a series of Globalization, Development and Security in Asia. Singapore and London: World Scientific Publishing, 2014.

Li also co-authored two chapters in the book:

  • Chapter 1: “In Pursuit of Sustainability in Environment and Development: An Asian Experience”
  • Chapter 12: “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally: Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Japan”

Environment and Sustainable Development in Asia, edited by Jieli LiAbstract: Asian countries are undergoing rapid political, economic and social transformations; meanwhile, there is a growing demand for knowing more about Asia. This Major Reference Set is designed to help general readers as well as specialists to have a good grasp of the latest developments in Asia in the key areas of economic growth, trade, energy, environment, foreign policy and security. With 4 volumes, this set covers all major dimensions of Asia’s political economy. Contributors include both scholars and practitioners who provide first-hand description and analysis of fundamental issues in Asia.

Volume 4 offers a comprehensive coverage of subjects on environment and sustainable development in Asia with case studies of selected and representative countries that are at different stages of economic development and facing different environment-related problems and challenges in the twenty-first century.

Li is also an affiliated faculty with international development studies program and Asia studies program at the Center for International Studies of Ohio University, and he is a specially appointed professor of social science at Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan, China. His research interests include historical and comparative sociology, social change and development, social-legal studies, globalization, social movements, and conflict resolution. He has published extensively in the areas of Asia and China studies. He was an appointed research fellow at Peking University in China (2007–2012) and the 39th Kohei Miura Visiting Professor at the College of International Studies of Chubu University in Japan (2013). Currently he also is serving as Editor-in-Chief of American Review of China Studies.

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