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June 17, 2014 at 7:09 pm

English Alum Interns for Sierra Club Magazine

Ohio University alum Kathryn Potraz ’13 is interning with the Sierra Club’s Green Life Blog and the Sierra Club magazine.

Potraz earned two degrees from Ohio University, a B.A. in English from the College of Arts & Sciences and a B.S.J. in Journalism.

Her recent story on “Largest Mule Deer Migration Ever Recorded” appeared in the May-June 2014 issue of the Sierra Club magazine.

In unprotected areas, getting the higher-ups to read and act on dry, statistics-filled wildlife reports can be difficult. Hall Sawyer, a research biologist studying mule deer in western Wyoming, is familiar with this problem.

“Management is different from a national park,” Sawyer said. “A lot of people use the analogy of a gap between scientists and decision-makers and managers like a canyon. Scientists throw their data into the bottom of the canyon and hope it gets picked up by management.” A recently released video and data report, illustrated by photographs from National Geographic photographer Joe Riis, are an effort to change that: “We’re hoping this data and video will bridge that gap.”

Read the rest of her story on the Green Life Blog.

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