October 24, 2013 at 8:29 am

Young Scholars Ages 10-17 Learn with OHIO Professors

Young scholars from 12 states, Canada and Spain visited Ohio University recently to spend a few days with faculty members on topics from poetry to fuel cells. This was the third year Ohio University has hosted a Young Scholars OHIO program.

“This year 48 students, aged 10 to 17, and their parents came to campus.” notes Young Scholars Coordinator Dr. Sarah Wyatt. Professor of Environmental and Plant Biology. “The students and their parents look forward to coming to Ohio University; we offer a unique program of faculty talks and hands-on workshops. They also enjoy the opportunity to socialize with each other during the program.”

Young Scholars in Larry Witmer's Lab

Young Scholars in Larry Witmer’s Lab

The Young Scholars OHIO program is co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice President of Research and the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology.

Faculty giving talks included:

  • ”Fuel Cells and Hydrogen: Recovering Energy and Water from Pee,” Dr. Gerardine Botte, Engineering
  • “Vectors, and Matrices, and Tensors! Oh, my!” Dr. Martin Mohlenkamp, Mathematics
  • “Slaying Dragons in Ancient Greece and India,” Drs. James Andrews and Brian Collins, Classics and World Religions
  • “Obesity:  chewing the fat,” Dr. Darlene Berryman, Applied Health Sciences
  • “Keeping Secrets in America’s Biggest War,” Dr. Michael Sweeney, Scripps School of Journalism
  • “Nanoscience: From quantum computers to invisibility cloaks,” Dr. Eric Stinaff, Physics and Astronomy
  • “The Chaotic World,” Dr. Ken Hicks, Physics and Astronomy

Workshops were offered by:

  • “Micromanipulation with Laser Tweezers,” Dr. David Tees, Physics & Astronomy
  • “DNA Sequencing, Unwinding the mystery of life,” Ohio University Genomics Facility
  • “Chewing it over: The mechanics mammalian mastication,” Dr. Susan Williams, BioMedical Sciences
  • “Excited by Photons,” Dr. Jeff Rack, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • “Fossils, fossils, fossils: A peek into evolution,” Gar Rothwell, The Ridges
  • “Measuring your Mind,” Dr. Julie Suhr, Psychology
  • “Acid mine drainage (AMD) pollution – a legacy of coal mining,” Dr. Morgan Vis, Environmental and Plant Biology
  • “Digital Game Design,” GRID lab
  • “Fun with Poetry,”  Dr. Linda J. Rice, English/Integrated Language Arts
  • “Fleshing out dinosaurs with the Visible Interactive Dinosaur Project,” Dr. Lawrence Witmer, Biomedical Sciences
  • “Avionics,” Dr. Maarten Uijt de Haag, Ohio University Airport
  • “Acid mine drainage—pollution and remediation,” Dr. Natalie Kruse, Voinovich School
  • “The Science of Talking Bones,” Dr. Nancy Tatarek, Anthropology
  • “nanOstUdio – An excursion to nanoworld,” Dr. Savas Kaya,  Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


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