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October 7, 2013 at 8:28 pm

Plant Biology Internships Available at 20 Locations

Sarah Acomb. Photo by Katelyn Preston '14.

Sarah Acomb. Photo by Katelyn Preston ’14.

The Department of Environmental and Plant Biology offers plant biology internships with host institutions around the United States for upper-level plant biology majors and minors interested in gaining a comprehensive career experience.

The Plant Biology Majors Internships Program offers positions with many host institutions in and around Athens, around Ohio and across the United States. These include 26 different types of internship at 20 institutions. Of the 38 positions, nine are in Athens area (all commuter), 13 others are located elsewhere in Ohio (nearly all with on-site housing), and 17 lie outside of Ohio (all with on-site housing).

While most are designated for summer, one is offered during the spring semester, and another is offered during fall semester. Six in Athens area can be done any time, including part-time during an academic semester. The positions are roughly equally divided between careers and disciplinary areas suitable for “Applied Plant Biology” (horticulture, agriculture, sustainability) and “Field Ecology” (conservation, restoration, land stewardship, biotic inventory).

Most internships are unpaid, but a few have a wage or living subsidy associated with them. Nearly all internships outside of Athens area provide free or nearly free on-site housing. The department will also provide some assistance to majors investigating and applying for internships outside of the Plant Biology Internships program, and for other types of positions.

Get details about the Internships Program.

The first annual Plant Biology Internships Symposium, held on Thursday, Oct. 3, celebrated the accomplishments of 12 PBIO majors who did internships during summer of 2013. Presentations made by 10 students can be accessed by clicking on the name of the student: Sarah Acomb, Julian Boaler, Ben Chamberlain, Donnie Day, Kyle Grubbs, Richie Janssen, Ryan Kniola, Taylor Macy, Garrett Shull, and Avery Tucker.

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