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October 7, 2013 at 6:52 pm

Pantagraph: Myers Visits Farm in Pursuit to Restore Antique Telescope

Mike Myers

Mike Myers

The Pantagraph reports that Ohio University’s Mike Myers, Mechanical Systems Technician in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, recently visited a farm in Pearl City “to take measurements of the antique telescope to restore a sister telescope they have at the university.”

Two workers from the university spent the day measuring an antique 1950 German equatorial refractor telescope that Allseits has had in storage since 2005. Mike Myers, mechanical systems technician from the university, spent the heat of the day collecting data and measuring parts of the telescope. The university has a sister telescope in need of restoration. Myers said there were only six telescopes made like the one Allseits has. One is at Harvard, one at Ohio University and the other three are unaccounted for.

“We lost our pieces to our telescope in November 2012 when a fire ripped through the building, which resulted in key parts to the telescope being thrown out,” Myers said.

“We had been searching for a sister scope and found out about John’s through the Antique Telescope Society. What I am getting out of all our data and measurements excites me to know we can re-create our telescope to make it functional.”

“Seeing what I see with John’s gives me hope to get ours running. Without the measurements I am getting, it would be impossible to re-create the pattern. No blueprint exists anymore for this type of 10-inch telescope.”

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