September 11, 2013 at 10:20 am

Science Café, Conversations Kick Off on Sept. 11


Mark your calendars now for the 2013-14 Science Café and Café Conversation series, which kick off Wednesday, Sept. 11, with a line-up  that includes faculty from four Ohio University colleges, including four professors from Arts & Sciences. Café events are free and open to students, faculty and staff.

Both cafés are venues for students to share their interests informally during a conversation exchange in a friendly setting. The Science Cafe is hosted by Dr. Sarah Wyatt, Professor of Environmental and Plant Biology and Vice President of the Ohio University Chapter of Sigma Xi. The two series are sponsored by the Ohio University chapter of Sigma Xi and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

CafeConversation_AIScience Cafés are held at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Baker Center Front Room. Free coffee is provided for the first 50 people.

Fall Semester 2013

Sept. 11 Dr. Janet Duerr, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Sept. 18 (Café Conversation) Dr. John Gilliom, Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Political Science, on “The Death of Big Brother and the Rise of the Surveillance Society”

Sept. 25 Dr. Lawrence Witmer, Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Oct. 9 Dr. Savas Kaya, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Russ College of Engineering and Technology

Oct. 16 (Café Conversation) William Condee, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts, College of Fine Arts

Oct. 23 Dr. David Tees, Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy, College of Arts & Sciences

Nov. 6 Dr. Alycia Stigall, Associate Professor of Geological Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences

Nov. 20 Dr. Deb McAvoy, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Russ College of Engineering and Technology

Dec. 4 Dr. John Kopchick, Distinguished Professor and Goll-Ohio Eminent Scholar, Edison Biotechnology Institute & Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

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