September 26, 2013 at 10:19 pm

How Much Snot Does a T Rex Sneeze?

Larry Witmer

How much snot does a T Rex sneeze?

Dinosaur expert Larry Witmer brought out the green slime as an encore at his standing-room-only Science Café presentation on Sept. 25.

You can see it again at A&S TV.

A researcher whose passion is studying the anatomy of dinosaur skulls knows a lot about dinosaur sinuses.

The Witmer Lab researchers have been studying the musculature, circulation, eating movements and more—the functional morphology of vertebrates with a major focus on the soft tissues of the heads of dinosaurs.

Larry Witmer wtih 3D printout of Diplodocus.

Larry Witmer wtih 3D printout of Diplodocus.

The vertebrate paleontologist scattered replicas of some of the best museum specimens around the room, and he also dazzled the cafe crowd by unveiling a 3-D printout of a Diplodocus. The three-dimensional printout was created at Ohio University’s Innovation Center with Joe Jollick, Director of the Biotechnology Research and Development Facility.

“We can now take these bones from 3-D virtual models and bring them back into the physical realm,” said Witmer, Professor of Anatomy and Chang Professor of Paleontology at Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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