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September 27, 2013 at 8:35 am

Good Housekeeping: Distract Yourself, Zoccola Says

Dr. Peggy Zoccola

Dr. Peggy Zoccola

Dr. Peggy Zoccola, Assistant Professor of Psychology, appears in the “Real women, real-world advice” section an article in the October 2013 edition of Good Housekeeping with simple advice from her recent study on how dwelling on stressful events can increase inflammation in the body.

“If you only do one thing this month….Distract Yourself,” says the Good Housekeeping article.

“That mistake you made hours ago at work? Stop obsessing over it and find another focus stat, say researchers at Ohio University. Yes, your mood will improve–but more important, you’ll reduce stress hormones (like cortisol), which are tied to high blood pressure.

“What works best: thoroughly distracting yourself, says study coauthor Peggy Zoccola, Ph.D. Do a crossword puzzle; browse Pinterest; plan a party. ‘Shifting gears mentally helps stop the stress reflex,’ she says. A well-being boost on all levels.”

Read more about Zoccola’s study in an Office of Research Communications article.

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