September 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm

Delayed Revolution: Difficult Road in Germany Since 1989, Oct. 1

Professor Guenther Heydemann will give a talk on “The Difficult Road from Dictatorship to Democracy: The Delayed Revolution of 1989 at the University of Leipzig” on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at 4:30 p.m. in Anderson Auditorium,  Room 111 in Scripps Hall. Faculty and students from all departments and schools are welcome.

Heydemann holds the chair in contemporary history at the University of Leipzig and serves as the director of the Hannah Arendt Institute in Dresden. He also has been an important contributor to the strategic partnership between Ohio University and the University of Leipzig.

In September 2012, Ohio University and the University of Leipzig celebrated 20 years of partnership. The two-part celebration began in June in Leipzig followed by a celebration in Athens and the presidential visit.

The 20-year partnership between the University of Leipzig and Ohio University has been defined by the sharing of knowledge and cultural exchange, which is fostered through the Ohio-Leipzig European Center (OLEC) in Leipzig.

Created in 2000, OLEC provides Ohio University’s second- and third-year students the chance to study the arts and sciences, as well as German language, at a historic European university. To date, more than 500 students from OHIO and Leipzig University have taken advantage of the opportunity to study at the partner institution.

For more information about the Oct. 1, contact Dr. Chester Pach, Professor of History, who gave the keynote address at the 20th anniversary celebration.

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