July 30, 2013 at 1:32 pm

Brobst, 3 Students Present at Britain and the World Annual Conference

Three Ohio University History students presented at the Britain and the World Annual Conference in 2013.

Dr. John Brobst, Associate Professor of History & Director of Graduate Studies at Ohio University, chaired the panel on “Britain’s Adaptable Empire in Twentieth Century Asia and the
Middle East.”

Peter Wickman presented “Partners in China: The RII and the Contest for Influence in China during World War II.”

Rebecca Perry presented “Enduring Influence: British Economic Policies in Iraq during the 1950s.”

Laura Seddelmeyer presented “The Trouble with ‘East of Suez’: Stability, Security, and Strategic Change in Australia.”

Brobst also presented ““China as a Factor in Indian Ocean Strategy: British Calculations, ca. 1960-80.”

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