June 1, 2013 at 4:47 pm

Neil Bernstein Receives Research Award

January 9, 2013
Tim Smith

The Ohio University Research Committee has awarded $7,123 to Dr. Neil Bernstein, Associate Professor of Classics & World Religions, to aid in his contribution to the Tesserae Project.

Dr. Neil Bernstein

Dr. Neil Bernstein

This project is a freely available web interface for exploring the phenomenon of text reuse and variation in Latin literature. Bernstein will apply the tool to his current book project, which is a commentary on Book II of the Punica, a long epic poem about the Second Punic War (between Rome and Carthage) written by Silius Italicus in the first century A.D. He will also explore developing visualization interfaces for the data created with Tesserae.

Job Opportunity

In addition to using Tesserae data in his commentary, Bernstein will using the grant to hire a programmer to generate 3-D visualizations of the data generated by Tesserae. The programmer is titled “Developing Data Mining Strategies for Classical Latin Poetry.” The programmer will continue the development of this site by creating a package to generate 3-D visualizations of the data generated by Tesserae. This project is funded by the Ohio University Research Council. The hourly pay will be commensurate with experience level. Anyone interested in applying for this position should contact Bernstein directly.

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