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February 16, 2022 at 7:53 am

Ping Institute offers teacher workshop on ‘Studying Latin Manuscripts’ through the Ohio University collection on Feb. 19

Latin text from leaf in Ohio University special collection

From Ohio University News

The Charles J. Ping Institute for the Teaching of the Humanities presents a free workshop for high school teachers on “Studying Latin Manuscripts through the Ohio University Collection.” The workshop will be held online from 9 a.m. to noon on Feb. 19, 2022.

This online workshop for high school teachers will be led by Neil Bernstein, Ph.D., professor of Classics & Religious Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, and Miriam Intrator, Ph.D., special collections librarian at Ohio University. Bernstein is the author or co-author of seven different books on a wide range of Latin authors. Intrator is responsible for rare books and is the liaison librarian for honors programs at Ohio University.

This workshop introduces participants to the basic elements of medieval Latin texts by examining selected leaves held in the Ohio University special collections.

“We’ll begin by discussing the formation of the collection through purchases and donor gifts. Then we will look at examples of various scripts, including Gothic and humanistic hands, as well as manuscript illumination and decoration. We will gain familiarity with reading the scripts and identifying textual variants through transcription and textual criticism exercises that can be easily adapted for the high school classroom,” Bernstein said.

No prior knowledge of Latin palaeography is assumed, only basic competence in Latin. Those participating in the workshop will be asked to complete five short, self-paced tutorials introducing the Ohio University Latin Bible and various manuscripts held in Ohio University special collections.

Participation is free. The workshop is limited to 15 participants to enable a lively discussion. Certificates will be available to provide a record of the workshop contact hours for their local professional development committees.

To register for the workshop, please send an email to Director of the Ping Institute Fred Drogula, Ph.D., the Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities and Professor of Classics in the College of Arts & Sciences, at

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