September 21, 2021 at 8:40 am

Advising tip: It’s time to prepare for fall graduation, apply by Sept. 27

Peyton Hendricks poses after walking in the 2020 Commencement Ceremony on Sept. 5, 2021.

Peyton Hendricks poses after walking in the 2020 Commencement Ceremony on Sept. 5, 2021. Photo by Laura Bilson

From Ohio University News

By Chris Hitchcock
College of Arts and Sciences Success Advisor

You have ascended the Tiers, fulfilled the College of Arts & Sciences requirements, and completed all of the major classes for your degree, so now you get to graduate, right? Not yet. Graduation does not happen automatically. Remember that you must apply for graduation, and do so before the deadline.

Below are some important points to remember when preparing for fall graduation.

Look for a job

Look for a job at the Career Achievement Network’s (CAN) virtual Fall Career and Internship Fair via Handshake on Sept. 22 from 1-4 p.m. Even if you have a job lined up, attend the fair, as you might find something better. Register for the Career and Internship Fair.

Attend one of these interest-specific job fairs:

Find additional career resources on the Career Achievement Network’s calendar and on the “Fairs” tab in Handshake.

Considering grad school?

Join the CAN’s virtual Grad School Fair Oct. 27 from 1-4 p.m. and begin applying to grad schools now.

Visit faculty and advisers and ask if they will be references for you—consider the types of jobs or graduate and/or professional degrees you are interested in, then ask for references from faculty who would be able to speak most closely to how you fit the job or program requirements.

Treasure the next few months

Where will you go? Start planning your post-university living arrangements.

Maintain a support system of family and friends—graduation is a major transition and you will want to be able to talk with people close to you.

Start checking off your Athens bucket list—do some things you’ve meant to do, revisit your favorite places, take lots of photos.

Talk with others who are about to graduate—what final requirements or activities are they doing?

You are almost there.  Keep working hard and we will soon all be saying, “Congratulations!”

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