February 1, 2021 at 10:45 am

Virtual Expo Includes Social Media and Video Options | Register by March 15


OHIO student Daniel Dunfee studying skull growth in the Jurassic ornithopod dinosaur using microCT scanning.

OHIO student Daniel Dunfee studying skull growth in the Jurassic ornithopod dinosaur using microCT scanning.

Ohio University students have three ways to showcase their research and creativity this spring, including posting to social media or preparing a video for judging or in the #OUVirtualExpo on April 8.

Registration opens Feb. 11 and runs through March 15. There are three ways to participate this year:

  • Social Media—post text, picture, graphic, video, etc. on social media (on April 8).
  • Video Judging—upload a video with registration (by March 15) for judging.
  • Social Media and Video Judging

Undergraduate, graduate and medical students are invited to participate in all options. Postdoctoral fellows can participate in the social media option. Registration is required for those participating in the social media option and who want a T-shirt and in the video judging option.

Social Media

Students and postdocs are encouraged to register, and they must register if they want an Expo T-shirt.

On April 8, students and postdocs will post about their research and creative works to their Twitter and/or Instagram account. They should tag @bobcatsdiscover & others and include the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag in the post.

“We also encourage presenters to post to other platforms as well; just remember the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag so we can find you!” says Roxanne Malé-Brune, director of grant development and projects.

  • Content: Tweets and short posts with an image or two, GIF, or short video. Be sure to use #OUVirtualExpo in the post and tag @bobcatsdiscover!
  • Tagging:  See the list of university, college and department social media for Twitter and Instagram handles. Have additions or revisions for handles? Email
  • When: Students and postdocs can post any time on April 8 at their convenience.
  • Sharing: Expo staff will then re-post to @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter and Instagram).  Note that Instagram has re-posting limits so staff might not be able to re-post all posts on Instagram.
  • More Sharing: All students, faculty, staff, alums and friends are encouraged to join @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter) and @bobcatsdiscover (Instagram) to view, re-post, like and comment on posts! Remember to follow @bobcatsdiscover so you can see posts throughout the day and in the future!
  • T-shirts: Only students and postdocs who post about their research and creative activity, register, and use the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag will get a T-shirt mailed to them after the event. (Registration is required for a T-shirt).

Video Judging

Students (undergraduate, graduate and medical) need to register and must include a URL for access to their final video.

Participants must finalize and upload their video no later than 11:59:59 p.m. of the registration close date and include the video URL as part of registration. Judges will assess students’ presentations and select awardees.

  • Videos must be 3.0 minutes or less and .mp4 or .mov format
  • Videos will be assigned to a judging session based on the applicant’s academic discipline.

Pairs of judges will review uploaded videos and select awards.

Awards will be announced @bobcatsdiscover no later than April 12.

Awards are $150 (first place) and $75 (second place) or $112.50 (joint first place) for each judging session.


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