January 2, 2021 at 7:00 am

Linguistics Colloquium | Flipping the Classroom in an Online Era, March 19

Edna Lima, portrait

Edna Lima

The Linguistics Colloquium series presents Dr. Edna Lima discussing “Flipping the classroom in an online era: Fostering practice and opportunities for collaborative learning” on Friday, March 19, from 12:55-1:50 p.m. via Microsoft TEAMS.

Contact Dr. David Bell, Chair of Linguistics at Ohio University,

Lima is an Associate Professor of Instruction in Academic and Global Communications, formerly English Language Improvement Program (ELIP).

Abstract: How do we flip the classroom in this new learning environment, where face-to-face instruction is no longer the “default” setting? This presentation will focus on the flipped model and how it can be adapted for hybrid classes. In this model, for some classes instructors and students meet synchronously through a teleconferencing tool (e.g., Zoom or Teams), and for other classes students do online work independently

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