January 2, 2021 at 7:00 am

Linguistics Colloquium | Attitudes Towards Language and Foreign Language Learning in the United States, March 26

Sofia Fernandez, portrait

Sofia Fernandez

The Linguistics Colloquium series presents Sofia Fernandez discussing “Attitudes towards Language and Foreign Language Learning in the United States” on Friday, March 26, from 12:55-1:50 p.m. via Microsoft TEAMS.

Contact Dr. David Bell, Chair of Linguistics at Ohio University,

Fernandez is a Ph.D. student in Applied Linguistics at Arizona State University. She is also an Ohio University alumna, having earned an M.A. in Linguistics in 2019 and an M.A. in Spanish in 2017.

Abstract:  Attitudes are linked to a person’s values or beliefs and promote or discourage actions. While there are many factors that contribute to the successful acquisition of a foreign language, researchers have found a crucial connection between attitudes, not only towards a language, but also towards the target language culture, and language learning (Starks & Paltridge, 1996; Tseng, 2013). This study seeks to investigate the presence of attitudes and address underlying ideologies about language and its speakers that may emerge as a result. Due to the correlation between attitudes and foreign language achievement, the main goal was to uncover student attitudes and underlying ideologies when choosing either French or Spanish for the language requirement. An understanding of such ideologies have pedagogical implications that may benefit the design and the implementation of the curricula.

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