January 15, 2021 at 10:52 am

Green Roof Project Provides Classroom Materials for Faculty

The Ohio University green roof project continues to engage students in research, education, and communications initiatives—and now offers classroom materials that can be used by faculty.

“Weight limits on the green roof prevent us from making the space open to the community, but faculty and students continue to make the space available virtually, supported by an 1804 grant and the Academic Innovation Accelerator,” says Dr. Kim Thompson, Associate Professor of Instruction in Environmental & Plant Biology.

“Find informational flyers you might use in your classroom—including policies, technology, economics, and psychosocial benefits related to green roofs—by visiting our Schoonover Green Roof Project website. You will also find a link to the live streaming camera, project descriptions and photos, and access to real time air quality data on the roof.”

Flyers include:

  • What are Green Roofs?
  • Green Roof Technologies
  • Economics of Green Roofs
  • Psychosocial Benefits of Green Roofs
  • Policies Related to Green Roofs
  • Schoonover Center Green Roof Project
Russ College Mechanical Engineering Students, Kyle and Joel, build a prototype of a green roof model that will be donated to a local school.

Russ College Mechanical Engineering Students, Kyle and Joel, build a prototype of a green roof model that will be donated to a local school. Photo: Steel Brooks, Scripps College graduate student (2021).

  • View a video tour of the green roof created by MFA students, Chad Reich and Megan Westervelt (Scripps College). Stunning visuals and interviews with Assistant Professor of Geography, Dr. Amy Lynch, Master of Environmental Science Student, Alex Sines, and Wildlife and Conservation Biology student, Austin Gray, capture the enthusiasm this project has garnered.

An educational display is being created to explain the history, design and benefits of the Schoonover Green Roof Project and will soon be visible in the School of Media Arts and Studies, next to the doorway to the green roof. Green Roof models are being built by engineering students and will be donated to regional schools (photo above).

The green roof was also the subject of a podcast. The Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors, a group of students organized by Dr. Ryan Fogt, now has a Sustainability Series Podcast. The October 1 interview with Dr. Kim Thompson, kicked off its focus for the month on grounds.

  • Subscribe to the student-led podcast.

Fogt and Thompson are both Hub Coordinators for the Office of Sustainability.

Schoonover Green Roof in August 2020.

Schoonover Green Roof in August 2020. Photo: Maddy Salyer (Scripps College photojournalism major)

Green roof equipment

Tripod collecting data on energy exchange and water quality of runoff from the green roof. Photo: Maddy Salyer (2020).


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