January 2, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Black History Month Series: Rooted in Truth That Society Cannot Dilute

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Black History Month at Ohio University features a weekly discussions series, Rooted in Truth That Society Cannot Dilute, hosted by the NAACP.

Jan. 25—African Americans in the Arts

Discussion topic: The discussion focuses on the influence of music throughout American culture, the challenges that face Black men and women in the film and music industries, the definition of black creativity, and retrospect viewpoint on the importance of the Harlem Renaissance.

Feb. 1—African American Economy

Discussion topic: This discussion is a review into the specific policies and practices that were placed on Black communities to mitigate and police any progress within the community, the connections of bad health and the lower economic status in some Black communities, and the potential for a future prosperous Black economic community.

Feb. 8—African American Political Thought

Discussion topic: The discussion is about the present and past states of Black political identities, the legacy of former President Barack Obama, the possibility of a new wave of Black orientated community leaders, and the future of the Black community.

Feb. 15—African American Social Movements

Discussion topic: The discussion includes a debate of the importance of abolition, Civil Rights, and the Black Panthers.  The original outlook of the Black Lives Matter versus the country’s present stance on it. What will future Black movements focus on?

Feb. 22—Intersectionality & The Black Diaspora

Discussion topic: The discussion is about the historical context of intersecting identities in the Black community and the connections people of color have with the Black diaspora in this country.

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