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December 2, 2020 at 4:50 pm

Faculty Invited to Join Digital Humanities in the Classroom Learning Community

From Ohio University News

Ohio University faculty are invited to join a Digital Humanities in the Classroom Faculty Learning Community, the next step in OHIO’s initiative to increase student engagement with both computational tools and humanities methodologies.

“Our aim is to investigate ways in which faculty in humanities or related fields can develop and incorporate into their courses innovative digital humanities (DH) assignments to increase students’ familiarity with both digital technology and humanist tools for interpreting and critiquing the digital world,” said Dr. Jeremy Webster, associate professor of English and an FLC coordinator.

“Digital Humanities brings together long-standing questions about who we are as humans with the new technologies that are revolutionizing information creation and dissemination. This and future generations of students will need to be familiar with how to responsibly navigate the digital world and to work creatively within it. This initiative is aimed at empowering faculty, and by extension our students, to do just that,” said Dr. Brian Schoen, associate professor and chair of history and an FLC coordinator.

Developed in partnership with University College and the Graduate College, this faculty learning community is designed for instructors who would like to engage with, design, and incorporate into their courses tools, methodologies, and assignments from the Digital Humanities, including but not limited to:

  • Creating digital archives and databases
  • Text/data mining, analysis, and visualization
  • Producing digital scholarly editions
  • Compiling and analyzing social media content
  • Studying immersive technologies, such as 3D virtual reconstruction, augmented reality, and virtual worlds
  • Designing web apps, mobile apps, websites, virtual exhibitions, and other online research resources
  • Mapping humanities data

This faculty learning community will meet monthly from February to June 2021 for a total of five synchronous Teams sessions (with additional asynchronous interactions in Blackboard). Participants will:

  • Choose a course in which they will add a DH assignment or module.
  • Learn about a range of DH research methods, processes, and activities that are appropriate for undergraduate and/or graduate students.
  • Explore strategies to help students implement DH research methods, processes, and activities in an individual or group research project.

All OHIO full-time faculty with appointments extending into 2021-22, including regional campus faculty, are welcome to apply. Participants will receive a $400 stipend upon completion of their project (revised syllabus, assignment sheet, and grading rubric for a DH assignment or module for an undergraduate or graduate course). Faculty will have until August 2021 to submit their project.

Please contact Brian Schoen ( and Jeremy Webster ( for further information about this learning community.


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