September 2, 2020 at 3:25 pm

New Environmental Geoscience Minor Offers Experience in Ground, Surface Water Processes

Sarah Thurkettle explores paleofloods on the Greenbriar River, WV

Sarah Thurkettle explores paleofloods on the Greenbriar River, WV.

Starting this semester, a new Environmental Geoscience Minor is available to Ohio University undergraduates interested in expanding their knowledge and skill within environmental science.

The Environmental Geoscience Minor provides the opportunity for students to gain a broad overview of the geological aspects of environmental science, particularly surface processes such as rivers and mass wasting, surface and groundwater resources and analysis, geochemical processes, pollution and sustainability issues. Students can select from a range of electives to customize their coursework to optimize learning about specific aspects of environmental geoscience in which they are most interested.

This minor, offered by Geological Sciences, can be completed with a minimum of 19 credit hours and is an excellent complement to other environmental majors and certificates as well as degrees in public policy and sustainability at Ohio University.

A minor in environmental geoscience can greatly benefit students planning to pursue careers in environmental science, remediation, and policy because students gain experience with groundwater and surface water processes that are critical habitats for life and critical resources for human populations and sustainability initiatives.

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