August 6, 2020 at 6:24 pm

Negash Delivers Lecture on Post-colonial Eritrea, Conscription, Migration and Nation Formation in East Africa

Ghirmai Negash, participating in a virtual lecture

Dr. Ghirmai Negash

Dr. Ghirmai Negash, professor of English at Ohio University, was part of a lecture series organized by the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura called “Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories.”

This program features a presentation by Negash and a conversation with exhibiting artist Dawit L. Petros, whose new body of work, Spazio Disponibile, probes colonial and more recent connections between East Africa and Europe, including migrations and colonization. Read more about Petros’s work, Spazio Disponibile.

In the lecture, Negash speaks about post-colonial modernity, conscription, violence, and the production of the contemporary homo sacer. The title of his presentation was “Postcolonial Spaces, Modernity, Conscription and Resistance in Gebreyesus Hailu’s  novel The Conscript & Beyond.”

“This presentation, I hope, will provide an informative glimpse into my reflections of how the dialectical relationship between colonial and post-colonial violence has impacted the post-colony of Eritrea and its trajectory of modern nation formation, both historically and culturally,” Negash says as he introduces the lecture.


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