July 7, 2020 at 12:23 pm

OHIO Mock Trial Students Virtually Prepare for Summer Trial Competition

Ohio University Mock Trial students prepare case for virtual trial

Ohio University Mock Trial students prepare case for virtual trial

The Ohio University Mock Trial Team is spending the summer preparing for a mock trial to take place on Aug. 13 in a virtual courtroom.

Through the use of video-conferencing technology and shared, electronic documents, a group of 10 students are working in teams to prepare all the components of a mock trial.

“I am beyond happy to see how driven and enthusiastic our members are about honing their competition skills and growing as a teammate,” said Mock Trial President Ellen Gill.

The summer season will last for 14 weeks and culminate in a final trial in front of alumni on Aug. 13. In preparation for this date, the two sides are set to scrimmage on July 23.

The summer team consists of:

Using the 2015-16 nationwide American Mock Trial Association case,  Riley Winter v. TBD, Inc., the students have been divided into representatives and witnesses for both the plaintiff and defense. The case involves, the plaintiff, Riley Winter, accusing TBD, Inc., a media outlet, for age discrimination after she was suddenly terminated.

Larry Hayman, Esq., Pre-Law Advisor at the Center for Law, Justice & Culture, has served as the team’s coach since it’s founding in 2014.

“I am really thrilled to work with the students, spending this summer further developing their critical thinking, analytical reasoning, teamwork, and public speaking skills,” he said.  “They have been able to successfully pivot into this new online environment that we are all finding ourselves in. The work that they are doing now will make them into even stronger competitors when we are able to get back into the courtroom.”


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