June 11, 2020 at 8:45 am

Chornock, Katebi Recognized for Rapid “Turn-on” of Nuclear Transient

Dr. Ryan Chornock

Dr. Ryan Chornock

Dr. Ryan Chornock, Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy, and his student Reza Katebi’s team received a nod in a November 19 report describing their research on the rapid “turn-on” of a nuclear transient.

…PS1-13cbe is a ‘changing-look’ AGN that has been powered by instabilities in the accretion disk…the ‘turn-on’ of this AGN is among the shortest observed in a ‘changing look’ active galactic nuclei.

On Jan. 11, Chornock was quoted in in an article titled “Mysterious ‘Cow’ Blast in Space May Reveal Birth of a Black Hole.”

“We knew right away that this source went from inactive to peak luminosity within just a few days,” Chornock said.

Reza Katebi in Georgia, posing for a photo.

Reza Katebi

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