May 5, 2020 at 4:54 pm

Lee Joins Editorial Board for Applied Corpus Linguistics Journal

Dr. Joseph Lee, shown here in his office

Dr. Joseph Lee

Dr. Joseph Lee was selected to serve on the editorial board of the journal Applied Corpus Linguistics.

Lee is Associate Professor of Instruction and Associate Director of the Academic and Global Communication Program (formerly the English Language Improvement Program or ELIP) in the Linguistics Department at Ohio University.

Lee’s research and teaching interests include genre studies, English for Specific/Academic Purposes (ESP/EAP), classroom discourse studies, advanced academic literacy, applied corpus linguistics, and teacher education. He is the co-author of Exploring Spoken English Learner Language Using Corpora: Learner Talk.

Applied Corpus Linguistics website: “Corpus linguistics (CL) is a rapidly growing area of research worldwide, and CL techniques and approaches to large scale textual data analysis are being adopted and extended in a wide range of contexts. Corpus research is no longer confined primarily to the study of linguistics and to generalised language description but is now applied in diverse fields, such as forensic linguistics, social policy studies, food studies, anthropology, writing development studies, translation and interpreting, and the analysis of corporate and government communications.

“With this broadening of the range of applications of corpus methods and frameworks has come a need for a journal in which studies and reports can be brought together for an audience of researchers and practitioners that are interested in the range of applications of corpus linguistics. The role of Applied Corpus Linguistics is to provide a forum for further theorisation of corpus data analysis techniques, for the sharing of case studies and of new methods, and to advance the development and consolidation of applied corpus linguistics as a major force in social research.”

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