May 1, 2020 at 1:20 pm

Six Graduate Students Receive Geology Summer Research Grants and Fellowships

Six Geological Sciences first-year master’s students at Ohio University have successfully defended their thesis proposals and have been awarded Geological Sciences Alumni Research Grants and Summer Fellowships.

The Alumni Research Grant provides funding for supplies and travel related to thesis research. The Summer Fellowship provides a stipend for the summer semester that allows graduate students to focus on their thesis research. Funds for the grants and fellowships are provided for by generous donations from the Geological Sciences alumni.

An outdoor portrait of Toluwaleke Ajayi

Toluwaleke Ajayi

Toluwaleke Ajayi is working with Dr. Dina López on his thesis titled “Modelling Discharge and Chemical Transport in Hewett Fork, a Sub-Watershed of Raccoon Creek, Ohio”

An outdoor portrait of Hannah Bortel

Hannah Bortel

Hannah Bortel is working with Dr. Gregory S. Springer on her thesis titled “Scallops Through Space and Time: A Study of Scallop Patterns and Consistency”

An outdoor portrait of Robert Demchuk

Robert Demchuk

Robert Demchuk is working with Dr. Keith Milam on his thesis titled “Detailed Mapping of Lava Flows in Syrtis Major Planum, Mars”

An outdoor portrait of Ojo Ogundare

Ojo Ogundare

Ojo Ogundare is working with Dr. Eung Seok Lee on his thesis titled “Optimization and Analysis of a Slow-Release Permanganate Gel for TCE”

an outdoor portrait of Ceara Purcell

Ceara Purcell

Ceara Purcell is working with Dr. Alycia L. Stigall on her thesis titled “How Did Ecological Niches Evolve During Ordovician Environmental Change? A Test Using Laurentian Brachiopods”

An outdoor portrait of Joseph Wislocki

Joseph Wislocki

Joseph Wislocki is working with Dr. Daniel Hembree on his thesis titled “Understanding Larval to Adult Beetle Ichnofossils Using Experimental Neoichnology”

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