May 1, 2020 at 2:39 pm

Five Geology Students Receive Warner Scholarships

Five Ohio University Geological Sciences students were awarded the Maurice and Betty Warner Scholarship by the Geological Sciences faculty.

The scholarship was established by Dr. Maurice Warner, a geology alumnus who spent his career with Chevron Oil, becoming chief exploration geologist for the western United States before his retirement. The fund was established to help juniors and seniors who have maintained a 3.4 GPA or better.

Joseph Devore, BS ’21 is a senior studying Geological Sciences.

an outdoor snapshot of Daniel Dunfee

Daniel Dunfee

Daniel Dunfee, BS ’21 is an Honors Tutorial College senior majoring in Geological Sciences.

a studio portrait of Abigail Gentry

Abigail Gentry

Abigail Gentry, BS ’21 is a senior majoring in Geological Sciences with a minor in Paleontology.

an outside selfie of Syndey Hansen

Sydney Hansen

Sydney Hansen, BS ’23 is a sophomore majoring in Geological Sciences.

a selfie of Kayley McCormick

Kayley McCormick

Kayley McCormick, BS ’21 is a senior majoring in Environmental Geology.

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