April 3, 2020 at 12:27 pm

Uptown Athens | Missing Donkey’s Upstairs Balcony

Sign for Donkey Coffee and Espresso, Athens, Ohio

By Danyelle Jackson ’21
Ohio University

March 6, 2020, was such a significant day, yet when I was just trying to get through to the end of that day, I did not know it was the last time I would be in Athens for a long time.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and social distancing, there are numerous things that I truly miss about Athens—whether it is attending in-person lectures and labs, seeing my friends, or having peace in my own apartment.

One thing I truly miss is the Athens community and the places that you will not find anywhere else—the places that truly made Ohio University HOUme.

One aspect I want to focus on is the local food and dining places. Whether it’s a sunny weekday and I stop by to get my favorite ice cream at Whit’s or a last Friday night getting Goodfella’s pizza, there is always good food to satisfy your craving. I will have to say the most missed restaurant/coffee shop will have to be Donkey Coffee. Donkey is a local Athens coffee shop that is located on 17½ Washington St.

Donkey cup of coffee

Even though Athens is known for its notorious coffee shops, Donkey is definitely a coffee shop that is like no other. The second you walk into the door you will feel like you’re on your own episode of Friends. From the artwork posted all around the building to the comfy couches that instantly make you feel at home, Donkey is truly of its own kind. Yet the one thing that makes it all worthwhile is the upstairs balcony that looks over Washington Street. The second I sat down and looked out, I always felt an instant calmness enter my body. No matter what homework was due, what exam was coming up, or what event needed to be planned, I could always go there to clear my mind and regain my focus.

I am not a big coffee drinker as I do not like the idea of having to rely on a drink in order to be alert or focused like I see with many of my friends. But every once in a while when I do decide to drink a cup, my favorite drink from Donkey Coffee is a warm caramel macchiato. Another thing that I love about Donkey is when you dine-in they give you a coffee mug for your drink. I love this because it gives it much more of a home-like vibe.

With the switch to taking courses online and having to stay inside my home with my family, I constantly wish for the opportunity to return to Athens and be able to study on the balcony looking at the view. I know this all eventually will blow over, and we all soon will return to Athens. I will be sure to make a trip to one of my favorite spots in Athens and enjoy the comfy couches, hot cup of coffee, and the balcony view.

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