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April 21, 2020 at 11:36 am

Summer 2020 | 30% Athens Summer Scholarship for Law, Justice & Culture Courses

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Ohio University students can take advantage of the Athens Summer Scholarship valued at 30 percent of tuition and fees through the Athens Summer Scholarship on Athens campus undergraduate courses.

“We know your summer travel, internships or other plans may have been disrupted by the pandemic, and we want to make it possible for you to continue progress toward your goals. With that in mind, for Summer 2020 only, undergraduate students who enroll in Athens campus undergraduate courses will be eligible for the Athens Summer Scholarship, a new incentive scholarship valued at 30 percent of Athens campus tuition and fees (instructional fee, general fee, and nonresident fee when applicable),” says the Ohio University Summer web page.

The scholarship will be applied automatically when charges are assessed. No additional application is necessary.

This includes the following Center for Law, Justice & Culture core and elective courses:
  • ANTH 4620 (Haley Duschinski) – second session
  • SOC 2600 (Rebecca Collins) – first session
  • SOC 3600 (Bruce Hoffman) – first session
  • SOC 3640 (Holly Ningard) – second session
  • SOC 3660 (Bruce Hoffman) – first session
  • SOC 4950 (Amanda Cox) – second session

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