April 27, 2020 at 3:54 pm

Heroes | First Responders and Health-Care Workers in the Family


By Danita Pitts-Medley ’21
Ohio University

Heroes come in all shapes and forms. As the world is facing new challenges, people are getting scared and anxious. However, for some there is not enough time for getting worried or to catch a break.

In my family, I have a couple people who are first responders and health-care workers. To list a few, my auntie is a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, my uncle is a doctor in California, and my other aunt is a nurse at a nursing home.

Over the last week, I was able to talk to them during their breaks and get to know what is going on in a firsthand experience.

My uncle was able to talk to me and tell me how I can be cautious during this time. He also told me exactly what is going on and how the hospital that he works at is taking the virus seriously.

My auntie also told me in detail what they are doing at the nursing home to keep everything safe. To list a few: the workers have to enter through the back door to go through extensive cleaning procedures, and they are not letting in visitors. But they are letting the families see the people in the nursing home through the window and letting them facetime them on the nurses’ phones.

I was so grateful to have the time to talk to them because they are working long hours and getting at most a day off a week at work. However, I am so content that they are staying safe and healthy while being able to give back and make sure that other families are well.

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