April 13, 2020 at 4:04 pm

Career Corner | Seniors: ‘Now Is Not the Time to Pause Your Career Development’

Imants Jaunarajs, portrait

Imants Jaunarajs

By Imants Jaunarajs
Assistant Vice President and Executive Director
Career & Leadership Development Center

For graduating seniors, job opportunities may seem bleak and your own career development process a bit hopeless. As administrators who helped college students during the Great Recession and specifically graduating seniors in 2009, our current situation appears eerily similar.

If there was one lesson we want to convey to you, in 2020, is not to wait.

It may seem pointless to proactively apply to positions, network, or update application documents; this is however, exactly what you should be doing. Those students who are intentional and active in their career development will be positioned to better obtain the opportunities that are available now, and when the economy bounces back. You still have control over your career development and the Career & Leadership Development Center (CLDC) is here to support you.

We recommend you schedule an appointment with a career coach and start planning what action steps you can take in a proactive manner. All 30-minute coaching services remain available by phone or video call. With a career coach you can map out a job or internship search strategy, identify employers who are hiring, identify networking options that work for you, and even practice interviewing.

Now is not the time to pause your career development, it is time to be purposeful and proactive.

Schedule your next coaching or mock interview appointment using Handshake.

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