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March 5, 2020 at 9:02 am

Living Architecture Monitor Quotes Thompson on OHIO’s Green Roof Project

Dr. Kim Thompson, photo taken in outdoor setting

Dr. Kim Thompson

The Living Architecture Monitor quotes Dr. Kim Thompson, Assistant Professor of Instruction in Environmental & Plant Biology, in a story headlined “Ohio University Receives Grants for Green Roof Project.”

Right now the roof connected to the third floor of Schoonover Center at Ohio University is empty. Small pieces of equipment sit out in the sun. The white cover is so glaring in the sun that professors have to shut their blinds – but not for long. By April, the roof will be covered in plants such as purple cone flowers, sunflowers, goldenrods, purple prairie clovers and milkweed.

“Green roofs in general are vegetated rooftops and they offer lots of benefits for communities.  We put plants on top of a roof that has been designed to hold plants and make sure the building is still protected,” said Kim Thompson who is an environmental and plant biology professor in Ohio University’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Thompson spearheaded the green roof project. She received a $10,000 grant from PepsiCo and $256,000 from the Ohio University Academic Innovation Accelerator to fund the construction and buy research equipment. Maintaining the rooftop and facilitating programming will be funded by private donations….

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